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Limited watch edition is created by an independent watchmaker and designer Alexander Umnyashov. The concept of the unique laconic design is devoted to such historical events as the military air exercises of Russia and the United States in which the legendary U.S. Air Force Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk took part. It showed in flight the reality of a stealth aircraft.

Aircraft design is based on stealth technology in which development the ideas of Russian physicist-theorist in the field of electromagnetic wave diffraction Peter Yakovlevich Ufimtsev were used. The aircraft itself is built on an aerodynamic pattern: a flying wing with V-shaped fins. A wing of a large sweep with a sharp leading edge, a wing profile delineated by straight lines, angular fuselage formed by flat trapezoidal and triangular panels are not typical for subsonic aircrafts. These all create a very peculiar appearance of the aircraft which became a source of inspiration for watches UMNYASHOV Nighthawk.

 The geometry of the airplane with clearly defined faces is reflected in the design of the watch-body. The architecture of the body is that it has no bending if there is no logical reason for it. The point of the object and its elements is identified with such design as cylindrical capsule which repeats the circular shape of the mechanism, and which is cut off by sharp edges of the front and back surfaces. Wristlet fastening is realized by varied items embodied by broken lines and planes. This decision not only visually emphasizes the inner logic of the object, but it is very technological, it simplifies the machining of sharp inward angles.

All the design elements are subordinated to the concept: the laconic functional face has the only "decorative" element, intake screen in the central part of the area, and general 玍-shaped configuration that begins in the logo and spreads in the form of claws around the sharp silhouette symbolizes 玍ictory.